Hendrick’s moves into the absinthe category

Hendrick's Absinthe

Hendrick’s gin has moved into a new spirit category with the launch of a “reimagined” absinthe, which features the brand’s “signature flavours”.

The absinthe is the result of laboratory experimentations by master distiller Lesley Gracie at the new Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, Scotland.

Hendrick’s’ interpretation of absinthe is made with wormwood and star anise, traditional absinthe botanicals, as well as five additional botanicals, including Hendrick’s signature rose and cucumber.

Crafted to “bring the approachability and mixability of gin to absinthe”, Hendrick’s Absinthe is bottled at 48% ABV, a lower strength than traditional absinthes. All flavours are entirely natural, and no colour is added.

It is designed to be a key component of modern cocktails, and is suggested mixed with tonic or ginger ale, or in classic absinthe cocktails of the Belle Époque era, such as a Corpse Reviver #2.

Lesley said: “Absinthe is really a cousin to gin, in that it is a botanically-flavoured spirit, just with a different palette of botanicals to play with.

“For me, star anise has always had star quality, I’ve been playing with its magical flavours in the background for years and felt there is now enough curiosity and desire to explore new dimensions within drinks to release our absinthe experiment to the world.

“I’ve added the rose and cucumber we put into Hendrick’s gin – the rose adds a floral element and the cucumber a fresh dimension, which you don’t necessarily expect from an absinthe.”

Ally Martin, global brand ambassador for Hendrick’s, added: “We’ve reimagined absinthe as an incredibly complex, unique and interesting spirit. Not one to be feared for its strength but to be used as a core component of today’s array of contemporary, refreshing cocktails.

“The central star anise flavour in Hendrick’s Absinthe provides plenty of scope to create beautifully balanced cocktails and you can push it down a citrus, floral or spicy route in – it is really versatile. We’re looking forward to seeing what our friends in the trade can concoct with this liquid.”

Just 4,000 bottles of Hendrick’s Absinthe have been launched exclusively to the UK on-trade.

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