Historic Italian vermouth revived by makers of Cocchi

Chazalettes vermouth

The historic Chazalettes brand of vermouth has been revived and introduced to the UK market through a partnership with Speciality Brands.

Chazalettes Vermouth di Torino has been brought back by Giovanni Chazalettes with the Bava family of Piedmont winemakers who are best known for their Cocchi range of aperitifs and vermouths.

With three different expressions, the revived brand is based on a vermouth that existed from the end of the 19th century until production ceased in the 1970s.

Chazalettes Vermouth Extra Dry offers citrus peel freshness balanced by Piedmont alpine herbs, and notes of juniper and other spices. At 18% ABV, it works well served in equal parts with tonic water over ice.

Chazalettes Vermouth della Regina Bianco has an intense perfume of flower and fruit, and beyond the Piedmont artemisia, there are hints of sweet citrus, coriander, angelica and scented cardamom. At 16.5% ABV, it is dedicated to Queen Margherita of Savoia who in 1907 granted Chazalettes to bear the royal house’s emblem.

The red wine-based Chazalettes Vermouth della Regina Rosso is produced according to the authentic recipe of Clemente Chazalettes dating back to 1876 where, besides wormwood, there are notes of savory, marjoram and musk mallow as well as cardamom and coriander. Also at 16.5% ABV, it is recommended for a classic Americano with equal parts vermouth and Campari over ice, topped with soda.

Francesca Bava said: “My personal decision to abandon a career in Milan in order to return home and devote myself to this project wasn’t a difficult one to make.

“This fascinating partnership brings together the material and historical culture of my region, and sees ancient recipes reborn in a new world of young consumption.

“The support, the experience and the professionalism of my family in this field and the charisma of Mr Chazalettes were fundamental.”

Giovanni Chazalettes added: “I am very proud of my family, of my ancestors, and I am very proud to know that this project will breathe new life and modernity into Chazalettes.

“A product so historical that it’s revival represents a great value for the city of Turin and the Italian liqueur scene.

“I have had several requests in the past to bring back to life our family recipes but only in Francesca and Roberto Bava have I found the unity of purpose and passion necessary to get back on this journey.”

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