Hop & Hemp rolls out low-ABV CDB craft beers

Hop & Hemp craft beers

Independent UK brewery Hop & Hemp Brewing Co has launched two low-ABV CBD-infused craft beers.

To create the range, which comprises of Easy Times IPA and Lowdown Lager, Hop & Hemp partnered with CBD experts The Drug Store. Both 0.5% ABV beers are low in calories and contain 8mg of CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, per 330ml.

The first beer, Easy Times IPA, delivers “aromas of grapefruit and lemonade from the triple addition of American hops”. This then “doubles down on the fruitiness and brings in flavours of biscuit and honey”.

Lowdown Lager is a crisp, golden pilsner-style lager that “hits the palate with a gentle, spicy hoppiness and follows with notes of citrus and a lingering sweetness”.

James da Silva of Hop & Hemp said: “We love beer. Sometimes maybe a little too much. That’s why we made it our mission to create brews that have all the big flavours of the best craft beer, without leaving you with a sore head at your 9am meeting or losing yet another Sunday.”

Clemens Böninger of The Drug Store said: “Interest in CBD has skyrocketed this year, with many people using it within the health and wellness industry. It’s exciting to be incorporating it with a product as well loved as beer, and one we really believe is a natural fit.”

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