Galaxy Bar 

Dubai, UAE

“It’s amazing to think that what was once a storeroom has made it into the World’s 50 Best Bars.”

Galaxy Bar is a stunning venue built on innovative and cunning concepts. Natasha Sideris, Founder and CEO of Tashas Group, answered a few questions for us and explained a bit more about Galaxy Bar, one of the venues under the Tashas Group umbrella. 

Between a world-class service, an impeccably stylish yet intimate setting, their unique signature and newly-imagined classic cocktails, find out more about this fantastic venue directly from Dubai

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“I am Natasha Sideris, Founder and CEO of Tashas Group. My passion for the hospitality business got under my skin from an early age and, while I studied psychology at university, I decided to pursue a career as a restaurateur. The first Tashas opened in 2005 in Johannesburg and now we have 20 in South Africa and the UAE. We have also created other concepts – Flamingo Room, Avli, Le Parc and, of course, Galaxy Bar which all sit under the Tashas Group umbrella. Originally from South Africa, I now live in Dubai.”

2. What was the inspiration behind Galaxy Bar Dubai?

“When we were designing Avli by Tashas, there was a large storeroom that was attached to the main space. We initially imagined it as a private dining room. We soon realised that this wouldn’t work commercially, or from a design perspective. Therefore, we then had the idea of making it a standalone bar.

“While Avli is a modern celebration of the beauty and materiality of Greece, Galaxy Bar is a completely different space and concept from the restaurant. It became the celebration of the Greek night sky. The vivid display of stars in the sky and how they reflect and dance on the water became our inspiration.

“It’s amazing to think that what was once a storeroom has made it into the World’s 50 Best Bars.”

3. What makes your venue stand out?

“Dubai is famous for grand open spaces and large restaurants as well as busy clubs and bars. Galaxy Bar is the complete opposite. Tucked away in a secret corner of DIFC, the Financial District and ultimate fine dining destination, Galaxy is an intimate, sexy and vibrant lounge with warm hospitality.

“Bathed in a deep blue with a Lemurian marble façade behind the bar, velvet seating and a celestially lit ceiling, the design is also quite unique.

“As well, we have an incredible team that are both dedicated and passionate. Without them, I don’t think we could be where we are today.”

4. What are your goals, short and long term?

“With Galaxy Bar, our main goal is to stay relevant and to keep up with the trends. In my many years in the hospitality business, I have realised that every single detail matters and that is what makes the bigger picture. We can never rest on our laurels and need to constantly pursue excellence.”

5. What sort of advice would you give UK bar operators?

“My advice would be really simple: aim for perfection, and always work towards innovation.”

Galaxy Bar is truly a masterpiece in the streets of Dubai; from the thoughtfulness and efficiency of its employees, to the tribute the venue pays to Greek culture, the team at Tashas clearly had an exceptional, well-thought plan in place when designing the bar. They really captured the essence of their dreams and ambitions, and made it a beautiful location for all to enjoy.

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