Hospitality heating solutions for your bar, restaurant or hotel

EcoSmart-Base Smart Fire

Finding a heating solution for your hotel, bar or restaurant which offers exceptional design, elegance, heat and cost efficiency is never easy.

Smart Fire UK is a leading provider in heating solutions and has worked with top hotels across the UK and globally to solve their heating problems.

It specialises in clean burning bio-ethanol fires and is the sole UK distributor of EcoSmart products.

It’s also the only company in the country to distribute Bromic heaters, which are known for bringing energy and cost efficient ways to heat outdoor spaces.

EcoSmart Fire’s bio-ethanol fires offer the hospitality sector versatility and stylish design.

Bio-ethanol is a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture, which means these green fires need no chimney, flue or extraction system.

They have become a popular choice with hotels wanting to make an impression and looking for a stylish solution for an existing grate or fireplace.

The fuel is stored in the device’s internal reservoir meaning that there are no pipes or cables required during the installation process.

All the workings of the fire are managed from inside the box so they can simply be installed into a standard frame or inside an existing fireplace.

The fires can be designed to fit in with an existing scheme or be integrated within a new design.

These fires work both internally and externally with the collection of outdoor heaters a stunning addition to hard to heat outside areas.

New additions to the collection, like Wharf and Base are statement pieces which will give external space the wow factor.

Bromic heaters incorporate unique, stylish design with efficient output meaning these discreet yet powerful heaters work well in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

The heating solutions on offer are more powerful than similar options on the market, whilst also boasting more economical, greener heat.

The unobtrusive designs blend in with your chosen space and the heat output is more powerful that similar options on the market.

The range include gas and electric models as well as the Bromic Tungsten Portable which can be moved around the establishment.

This model is fuel-efficient and has wheels which make it easy to transport, and a tilting head to allow directional heat.

Other models in the collection include the Platinum Smart Heat Electric and the Platinum Smart Heat Gas.

Paul Holt from Smart Fire UK said: “We’re proud to be the only British distributor of Bromic heaters and Eco Smart Fire designs. These unique heating solutions are popular amongst our customers and with each new release come innovative improvements.

“These heaters are ideal for hotels hoping to make the most of outdoor areas, which are otherwise unusable during the colder months, and for those planning internal renovations or update.

“No longer do hotels have to choose between style and efficiency as our heaters provide the perfect blend of both.”

Smart Fire UK can be found on stand 48 at the Independent Hotel Show which takes place at Olympia in London on October 18 and 19, or visit

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