Hotdesking by day, DJs by night

A new cocktail bar that doubles as a place to hotdesk and drink coffee during the day has just opened in London.

Set over three floors, Martello Hall has undergone a six-month refurbishment and is now best described as a venue where warehouse rawness meets intimate bakery.

It’s the Albion and East Group’s first venture into the bar industry and owners wanted to offer something a bit different, while also supporting local produce and talent.

“We try to source as much as possible locally from Hackney and East London. That can be
anything from our beers and charcuterie through to our live entertainment,” says Sarah Weir, founder of Albion and East.

The team’s love of gin does not go unnoticed with the on-site gin distillery set up to produce small batches of Martello Gin. Beer is supplied by neighbouring suppliers and wine can be found on tap because the founders believe this is environmentally better. The selection of twelve different wines has been selected by wine consultant Zeren Wilson (Bitten & Written) and is the largest selection of wine on tap in the UK.

During the day from Monday to Friday, the first-floor cocktail lounge is open for hot-desking, WIFI and coffee. The venue will offer a day pass for £10, allowing remote workers access to bottomless coffee and hot-desking space with a monthly membership fee of £25 for regulars.

Martello Hall will be making use of their late night license with young London DJs and
live bands playing from 9:00pm to 3:00am on weekends.

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