Hotelympia: Nicoccino


Nicoccino is hitting Hotelympia, the UK’s largest foodservice and hospitality event, with its smoke and tobacco-free nicotine product for the first time this year. Visitors will be able to try the dissolvable strip that delivers a powerful, instant hot shot of pure, clean nicotine. They will also hear how to optimise food and beverage revenue by keeping smoking patrons indoors.

“Let’s face it. With cigarette smokers banished to the outdoors and now vapers heading in the same direction, hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants need some new ideas,“ says Johan Cram, CEO at Nicoccino.

This is because, every time one of Britain’s 10 million smokers fancies a nicotine hit, they have to leave the premises to get it. This can not only cause license-threatening noise pollution problems but, while smokers are not present, they’re not buying drinks or food. Punctuating smokers’ time also makes them more likely to leave earlier than non-smoking patrons. This often impacts food and beverage revenue and therefore the bottom line of foodservice and hospitality businesses.

“We’ve basically come up with a way to keep smokers propping up the bar, while enjoying their other favourite past time,“ continues Cram. “At long last, there is a nicotine product that offers smokers a new way to enjoy nicotine anytime, anywhere.“

Nicoccino is a leaf-thin, alginate strip of pure nicotine with a natural lemon mint flavouring and thanks to its high pH level, it gets nicotine quickly into the bloodstream. Free from the detrimental effects of smoking, and produced to pharmaceutical standards, it’s an alternative nicotine consumer product.

Simply fold the strip and place it under your lip and against your gum to dissolve. It packs an instant, powerful punch – literally a hot shot of nicotine, so that smokers get the satisfaction they are looking for too. You’ll feel a hot sensation as the nicotine absorbs, so you know it’s working. Fast acting and long lasting, Nicoccino can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

This trail blazing lifestyle product is liberating smokers around the world. Available now at £4.99 for a pack of 10, the Nicoccino packs come in easy shelf-ready displays, and attractive cherry wood display units.

Visit Nicoccino on stand 1559 at Hotelympia, or email, call 0870 8200 385 or visit

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