How mobile payment and marketing solution Zapper can benefit busy bars


What is Zapper and why would you use it?

Last year saw an explosion in the rise of various contactless payment options. Consumers are becoming braver and, with this more are turning to their smartphone to make speedy and secure payments within seconds. Zapper, the global mobile payment and marketing solution, launched into the UK late in 2014 and has over 150,000 app downloads.

As well as this, Zapper has already processed well over £2m in bill payments through its estate of over 1,000 restaurants who are actively encouraging their diners to transact via the app. Not only does Zapper enhance the customer’s dining experience with helpful waiter interactions but also saves both users and staff time and frustration when at the point of pain (payment!).

By quickly and simply scanning a unique QR code, users can split the bill in various ways, tip the waiter and leave rate and review feedback (shared only with the restaurant). When a customer pays using the Zapper app, restaurants are able to capture valuable insights about their diners. This is ideally suited for future targeted and personalised marketing to grow its community and increase sales.

How would Zapper benefit a busy bar?

Zapper has a developed a new “Scan & Pay” solution which is perfect when paying for your pint. Instead of scanning a QR code on a printed receipt, users simply scan a QR code on an outward-facing screen at the epos till which updates automatically as staff input orders.

This queue-busting solution means users can scan and pay using their mobile at the bar without the need to wait for card terminals or loose change. Bars, who tend not to use booking systems, benefit by capturing the never-before-accessible details of their customers to grow their database and attract drinkers back into their venues with targeted offers and discounts based on previous spending habits.

Plus, with Zapper’s new innovative Z-Beacon technology, venues have the ability to send bespoke promotions and marketing incentives directly to the app to attract passing users. This enables the bars and restaurants to nurture their community, communicate to their users and engage new customers, thus increasing footfall into the venue to ultimately drive sales and encourage growth.

Other perks?

Still not 100% convinced? The tried and tested Zapper solution fits seamlessly with over 95% of epos systems and users can pay using a credit or debit card, depending on preference. These payments made via the app are also settled next day in the venue’s account, with Zapper managing the card transaction fees and transferal delays.

With speedier payments all round and the ability to better understand and target your customer, why wouldn’t you want to use Zapper in your venue?

Gerry Hooper, CEO of Zapper UK, comments: “Zapper is a simple and secure app for users to quickly pay their bill without having to queue and wait for card machines. Looking ahead to the future, customers will want to use their mobiles for all sorts of payments and receive personalised offers tailored to their previous purchases. The Zapper solution fits with 95% of epos systems and lends itself to many different verticals, not just hospitality. We are very excited about the change ahead – watch this space!”

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