How The Hospitality Industry Is Jumping On Board With CBD

The hospitality industry is a broad category filled with different business niches. Restaurants, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and casinos all fit into this business sector. You’ll know if an establishment is part of this industry if it focuses on providing services to offer customer satisfaction. Now, many businesses in this sector aim to take advantage of cannabidiol (CBD) and its healing properties to provide better customer service.

Here are some of the many types of businesses in the hospitality industry, along with their methods of using CBD to deliver excellent customer service:

  • Restaurants

Many restaurants now place CBD as an ingredient in their food and beverage offerings. You may find this naturally-occurring substance in dishes like:

  • Guacamole
    • Salads
    • Pasta
    • Mashed potatoes
    • Chocolate chip cookies
    • Cakes

Chefs have learned how to properly use CBD oil in recipes without altering the taste of the dish too much. Using CBD-infused products, like Nano-infused CBD, also known as nano CBD, can be a better option for specific food and beverage ingredients.

As its name suggests, nano CBD provides a concentrated dose of this organic substance from the cannabis plant. This hemp isolate removes the terpenes, or the group of volatile hydrocarbons, to offer a purer CBD product, especially when compared to full-spectrum CBD.

Nano CBD is also water-soluble, so it should mix well with beverages, like juices, sodas, and sparkling waters.

  • Hotels And Spas

Hotels present visitors with utmost relaxation, the likes of which may not be available in households. You can enjoy in-room massages, breakfasts-in-bed, and free use of amenities, like swimming pools and gyms.

Bringing CBD on a trip might be stressful enough since you might need to go through security checks upon your arrival. But, you can take advantage of hotels and spas that offer CBD to their customers.

Look for hotels that can give you a dose of CBD whenever you order room service. The chef of your lodgings might already mix the substance with your food or beverage. Otherwise, you may find a small dropper from a CBD tincture beside your room service food tray. Consequently, you can request for a dose of CBD to help you relax even further when you order a sumptuous massage in your hotel.

Hotels and spas that offer CBD redefine the meaning of bringing comfort to customers. You’ll find yourself more relaxed than staying in other lodgings when you book a trip to a hotel, motel, or spa offering this cannabis-derived therapeutic substance.

  • Bars And Nightclubs

Many people go to bars and nightclubs to drink their worries away. Drinking alcoholic beverages is a favorite pastime of many individuals as these help them forget about the stresses of life.

Some of these establishments might offer CBD-infused alcoholic beverages. The result of consuming these drinks is an entirely relaxed state wherein you may think that nothing is wrong in this world.

But, be warned as mixing alcohol and CBD might offer adverse effects. Both of these substances relax the mind and body, as well as lower the inhibitions. Consuming CBD will make you lighthearted and mellow, and combining alcohol to that concoction will intensify those feelings.

If your body and mind are unprepared for the influx of calm sensations, you might feel very sluggish. Some people will even experience sedation when consuming a CBD-infused alcoholic beverage.

  • Cafés

Coffee shops offer beverages that can perk up anyone’s day. That single cup-of-Joe in the morning is the beverage you need for you to function correctly throughout the day.

Cafés that offer CBD-infused coffee can help you with more than just perking you up for the day’s challenges. CBD coffee provides caffeine enthusiasts with several health benefits without the intoxication of marijuana or alcohol.

You may even consume CBD coffee to try and get over a hangover. But, don’t drink CBD coffee or any other CBD-infused product if you already had your fill from the previous night. An overdose of this organic substance might lead to unwanted side effects.

Nonetheless, head to the nearest café offering CBD coffee to reap the substance’s many benefits. You can drink this beverage to boost your mood or help your body remove toxins. Consuming this special organic blend may also help you release hormones to reduce psychological symptoms brought by anxiety and depression.


CBD is becoming popular in different industries, and the hospitality sector is taking advantage of that popularity. You may find this naturally-occurring substance in establishments like hotels, spas, bars, and cafés. Ask a business establishment if they have CBD-infused products. The items on their menu might shock you, but in a positive way. 

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