How to create the recipe for a more sustainable and profitable restaurant business


Diners in the UK today are becoming more conscious about where they eat and sustainability plays a very important role in their decision of what they eat, and where they eat. In an attempt to ensure restaurants take into account their values of sustainability, it’s important for diners to see restaurants reinvest in sourcing produce and resources, which is why the environment is quickly becoming a fundamental aspect of the dining experience. From food prep, to lighting to food wastage, restaurants amass huge carbon footprints.

Reinvesting in the environment through initiatives such as Carbon Free Dining enables diners to empower the livelihood of disadvantaged communities around the world. And by helping to balance a restaurant’s carbon footprint, we help encourage an industry that depends so much on the environment — to give back. Today, ethical consumerism is the catalyst driving the revolution of the modern-day diner and will determine the success of any restaurant this year.

Working with partners such as world-famous chefs Marco Pierre White and James Martin, Carbon Free Dining Certified partners have already counterbalanced the carbon footprint of over 600,000 diners’ meals. In a time where, worldwide, consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious and looking for a business to match those beliefs, Carbon Free Dining and Lightspeed ePOS meets this rapidly growing requirement, making it a win for the certified restaurants and a win for diners.


Together, they are changing the lives of some of the planet’s poorest communities and by partnering with The Green Earth Appeal, they are helping drive a programme that has already planted hundreds of thousands of trees across the world. As a pioneer of hospitality, Lightspeed has become the world’s only ePOS solution to integrate CSR and Triple Bottom Line into its offering, providing customers with a game-changing product — an intuitive cloud-based platform that encourages a paperless and cost-efficient way to manage your business.

CEO and founder of Lightspeed Dax Dasilva stated that “Lightspeed was founded on pushing boundaries, empowering business and putting culture before code. By defining a new paradigm, we are redefining the industry. Carbon Free Dining is just one more step towards offering our ePOS partners and their customers a seamless way to achieve their own goals”.

Lightspeed customer Zouk teamed up with Carbon Free Dining and registered both their Manchester and Bradford locations under the initiative, and in doing so, have chosen to demonstrate their love for the environment by partnering with the programme.

As a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurant, Zouk plants hundreds of trees each month, effectively offsetting the Carbon Footprint of the meals they serve. This is done by simply giving diners the opportunity of planting a single tree with each bill for an optional 99p.

lightspeed zouk

As pioneers of sustainability, partners Lightspeed ePOS and GEA share this passion for the environment and empowering both local businesses and their customers to give back in the fight against deforestation, extinction and global warming. Today, we provide a rapidly growing, smart and cost-effective way for restaurants to showcase their corporate social responsibility at zero cost to the business.

Together, Partners Lightspeed ePOS and Carbon Free Dining would like to invite the forward-thinking hospitality community to join their panel session on June 19, 2018, at Haz Restaurant in London to learn about the impact of sustainability and how you can grow your brand reputation and sales through a more sustainable business model. Moderated by CEO of Carbon Free Dining, Marvin Baker, the panel will explore various ideas including:

  • The expectations of the modern-day diner
  • Creating an ethics-based community
  • The best practices for independent businesses to achieve sustainability.

We invite the forward-thinking hospitality community to learn about the impact of sustainability on the environment and see the difference such an initiative is making for so many communities around the world.

Get your free ticket here.

For every attendee, we will plant a tree in your name!

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