How to get more customers to your venue in 2020

2020 looks like it could be a turbulent year for the bar industry. 

With a potential change in government, new policies, rates and Brexit uncertainty, it’s essential bars and pubs are doing everything they can to keep the money coming in. 

As 2019 draws to a close it’s important to have a solid marketing plan in place for 2020. Here are a few marketing trends and tips to help a bar or pub prosper in 2020.

Tell your Story Online

You don’t need to scroll for long on a news site to read about a company scandal regarding its customers. 

Stories like the Cambridge Analytica data leak involving Facebook and BHS’s pension scandal, it’s no surprise customers are finding it increasingly difficult to trust companies. But trust between a company and its customers is vital for success, especially in the bar industry in relation to returning customers.

This is why telling your story online and in-house is going to be important in 2020 for marketing purposes, it builds trust with your customers. 

By telling your story across your social media channels you can connect with your customers and build rapport with them. This the easiest way to turn a single visiting customer into a returning customer. 

Millennials, especially, want more than just a drink, they want to know the story behind that drink, whether it was sourced locally and where it got its name from. 

With all the uncertainty to look forward to next year, getting returning customers’ needs to be one of your main goals as it’s usually over 50% cheaper than finding new ones.

Take Advantage of Technology

Pubs and bars need to be proactive in 2020 by seeking out new mediums for bringing in more customers. New technology can not only help for marketing but can also be used to reduce costs.

Decreasing costs is the first point of call and technology can be implemented in lots of different places to help. Seek out the best valued POS system, implement tech that reduces waste and use systems to help run your venue efficiently and cost effectively. 

2020 is a good year to slingshot your venue into the future with technology that can help bring people to your bar or pub. There are now different websites and apps that have been specifically built to help venues increase their number of patrons.

Bloc for example is an app where venues only pay if a customer attends via the app, using geo-location. It’s risk-free and budget friendly at only £2 (inc VAT) per customer. 

Seek out different technologies to help reduce costs and increase revenue. It’s definitely recommended for 2020 to trial new services and measure the results you get from each. 

Speciality Bars & Quality Control

Because of the rise of the review society, being that people decide where to go based on online and peer-to-peer reviews, it’s important that quality control is always taken into account.

Patrons now want the best and a sub-standard service, poor pour and dreadful vibe or experience can quickly be spread among communities. So, in 2020 there’s no room for a decrease in quality regardless of increased costs.

On the flip side, if you concentrate on quality then positive reviews will quickly spread and your bar spend will increase. Offering a high-quality service, although not a medium, is the best move you can make for your venues marketing efforts.

One trend that we will see a lot in 2020 is venues offering speciality services. For example, a gin bar only serving gins and gin cocktails or a venue only serving pizza. 

This way venues can concentrate on mastering offering only quality products in that arena. The more products you sell, the less likely it’ll be that you can keep the quality high in each. 

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes aren’t new but the amount of 3rd parties now offering solutions for them have increased. 

So, now a venue doesn’t need to invest and implement their own loyalty scheme. They can easily set one up using a third party.  

They’re a great way of attracting repeat customers rather than one-stop drinkers. Some examples of 3rd party solutions are Gain Loyalty and Loyalty Gator.

Support a Cause and go Local

Supporting a cause and going local are tactics that will attract the socially conscious patrons. Health, plastic free and saving the planet are all topics absolutely everywhere and is likely to be talked about even more in 2020. 

By including your venue in this movement and including methods to stay green at your venue, you will attract customers and gain more positive reviews. 

By going local and including causes in your venue you’ll also have stories to tell and content to share with your patrons to build rapport and to help with word of mouth. 

2020 is going to be an exciting year with its ups and downs without a doubt. But anticipating what might happen and staying ahead of the curve at all times is the best move you can make for a successful business.  

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