How to get your bar out there with social media

How to get your bar out there with social media

Versum specialise in modern marketing tools for businesses. Juliusz, a blogger for Versum, reflects on the importance of bars’ social media presence.

If you are reading this, chances are you work at, own, or plan on owning a bar. You’ve put much thought into creating a unique business where clients can enjoy great quality drinks, listen to their favorite music and be enveloped in a unique atmosphere. Your idea is flawless, but how do you go about making it into a reality?

Name your target audience

Obviously you are looking to attract everyone of drinking age, however this demographic group has various subcategories. A bar catering to motorcyclists wouldn’t necessarily appeal to a wine connoisseur looking for a nice glass of Syrah.

With your audience in mind, pay attention to their likings. Prepare a list of appropriate drinks and decorate your bar with the right theme. Depending on your client group, create an interesting steampunk look or go full out roadside bar and introduce a playlist of classic rock hits along with darts and billiard tables.

Get social

With the concept in mind, you’re ready to begin getting the word out about your business. Most of your clientele spends a significant amount of time surfing on the net and on social media pages which means your first priority should be to create a social media presence for your bar. The reality is, if your business is not actively present on any social platform, then it does not exist.

Utilise modern tools

What exactly does your bar offer that really makes it different from the one across the street? Do you offer live music, host events, offer home made dishes or provide a wide range of IPAs and create original drinks?

If you said yes to at least one of these, then you’re on the right track. Invite clients for a hosted event or a live music with Facebook events. Additionally, use Facebook ads to help reach your desired audience with your advertising.

As for your Instagram fans, post aesthetic pictures of your bar, your variety of IPAs and your craziest drinks. Word of mouth marketing is super effective, but doing so on social media platforms will take your business to a whole new level.

Encourage clients to take pictures at your bar, share them on their favorite social media pages, and make sure they tag you. You may also consider offering a discount or a drink on the house for doing so.

Your bar may have all the right elements – great drinks and an awesome atmosphere – but without a social media presence, how do you plan on reaching new clientele?

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