How to Unwind After a Long Shift Behind the Bar

Running a pub or similar establishment certainly has its perks and can be good fun, but it is also incredibly demanding and can take its toll. This is particularly true on the weekend when demand tends to soar, and you often have to deal with those that have had a few too many.

So, how can you unwind after a long shift? It is a great feeling returning home after work but there are a few things that you can do which will really help you unwind and relax after being on your feet all day.

Get Changed & Pour Yourself a Drink

As soon as you get back home you will want to get changed into something more comfortable and to pour yourself a drink. Having seen people having fun and drinking during your shift, it is only fair that you treat yourself to a drink or two while you sit back and relax.

Online Slot Games

Sometimes after being on your feet all day and multitasking, you simply want to sit down and focus on one thing. Online slots are a great way to switch off after a long day and can provide a simple yet engaging and fun activity that you can enjoy while you are on the sofa and enjoying a well-earned drink.


While sometimes you will simply want to get home as fast as possible, you might find that sometimes you will want to spend time with friends after a long shift. It can be hard to change gears so quickly, especially after seeing people socialising all day. This might involve meeting a few friends for drinks at a different bar, meeting just one person for a quiet drink, or even spending some time with the people that you live with when you return.

Watch A Film/TV Series

If you want to return home and chill out then it is hard to beat putting on a good film or TV series. Working in a pub is one of the most social and demanding jobs where you have to be “switched on” at all times, so putting your feet up and getting immersed in a film/TV series can be a wonderful feeling after a long day.

Hot Bath/Shower

Bartending can take its toll physically and mentally so a hot bath or shower after a long shift can feel fantastic. Many people find that this is also an effective way to switch gears after a shift so that they can fully unwind and feel relaxed by the time that they get into bed.

Many people that work in this industry struggle to know how to unwind after a long shift so hopefully this post will give you a few ideas. It will depend on your mood and personality, but these are all popular options for those that work in a pub/bar and can be an effective way to unwind after a long shift where you are constantly on your feet and being social.

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