How You Can Fundraise in Tough Times

If you are running a community-based organisation or a non-profit enterprise, fundraising is one of the most significant sources of income. Unfortunately, the general economy is in bad shape, meaning that only a few people are willing to give to charitable work. Those who are giving are providing little. This can be quite tough especially if you have projects that are up and running. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep moving in tough times. Here are some of the ideas towards this end.

Enhance your Efficiency

Unfortunately, most non-profit organisations do not asses their accountability, communication and marketing programs. However, in times of distress, it is important that you asses the efficiency of each of your programs, including the marketing programs to ensure that their no wastage of funds and that you are meeting your goals on time.

Strengthen your Case for Donations

Are you giving donors enough reason to give? Maybe you are not. You need to show the potential donors the urgency and need for the funds to push those social projects you are handling. Avoid making it a big deal about how you are suffering from the lack of funds. Potential donors may only be concerned about the benefits of the projects you are handling and not your organisation.

Become Donor-centric

Donors are not walking ATMs. They need to be engaged, acknowledged and appreciated for them to continue giving. You also need to give the confidence that their cash will be put into good use. If they have given you cash in the past, you need to show how the cash was used before asking for more. Besides, you need to build a relationship and keep them engaged even when you are not asking for more cash. This way, they will be part of your progress and are more likely to give more in the future.

Stick to What is Working

Most fundraisers are always looking for creative new ways of raising funds for their projects. This is good. However, difficult times are not the best for trying out creative new ways of raising cash. Evaluate what has been working over the years and see if it will work. Any other ideas should be implemented with caution and in a way that you do not end up using lots of cash to look for more funds.

Raise cash from other Avenues

You should also look for ways of raising cash over and above fundraising. Is there a trade that you can join and start making profits without changing the focus of your organisation? Some of such businesses include affiliate marketing and Shopify dropshipping business.

Other options include monetising some of the projects that you are undertaking. For example, if you have dug boreholes in your community, you can charge a small fee on the water supplies to maintain the project out of your main coffers. Just ensure that you do not make the services too expensive for the communities you are trying to help.

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