Hungrrr unveils feature to help the planet and operators’ bottom line

Ordering solution provider hungrrr has added a new feature to its online ordering system to help combat food waste.

With research showing that 75% of wasted food from the hospitality industry could have been eaten[1], hungrrr’s new feature, named ‘Food Rescue’, gives its clients the opportunity to join together in reducing food wastage and operate more sustainably.

Food Rescue provides hospitality businesses with an additional tool to control waste that eats away at profitability. The feature works by giving customers the opportunity to purchase food that is close to its use by date at a discounted rate rather than it being spoiled, so diners can be kind to the planet and their wallet.

Cost of living and environmental concerns are key considerations for customers and this addition to hungrrr’s white label offering, allows operators to provide customers with options that highlight the venue’s sustainability credentials whilst boosting efficiencies and profitability.   

Jessica Mawdsley, Project Manager for hungrrr’s Food Rescue, said: “Businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. With our new food rescue feature, we are providing them with the tools to help reduce their food waste and enjoy delicious food too!”

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