Improve the sensory experience of coffee with Café de Colombia

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Every morsel of food complements each other in the restaurant experience, from first course through to dessert, supported by accompanying wine flight. However, the last thing you often consume will be a coffee at the close of your meal. More often than not, this will be the thing that has had the least amount of time invested in it. It is often seen as an add-on rather than an important closing chapter in the story of your meal. It means it is very often totally out of sync with the rest of the dining experience in terms of provenance, terroir and overall experience for the consumer. Moreover, it is not a secret that customers are looking for new combinations every day. They are looking for new flavours, aromas and sensory experiences. Therefore innovation is crucial in the bar and restaurant sector.

Caffiniti is an elite group of farmers from Colombia who customise their crops to develop a unique coffee profile for food pairing. They are looking to create a synergy between food and coffee. They interact with their clients through tasting sessions in order to discover together the right coffee for their menu. The outcome is a high-end sensory experience.

Caffiniti has have been in this industry for roughly 100 years. For several generations, they have developed coffee’s know-how. Therefore, they are not just the outcome of a trip to South America, they are not in this industry because the coffee shop near to their house made nice latte art. They are in this business because coffee beans grow on their land, because they grow up picking coffee. They are in this industry because in Colombia they learn how to make better coffee. Coffee is running in their blood since before they were born.

Moreover, Café de Colombia is a protected designation of origin. It means that only the coffee beans that have been planted, harvested, processed, roasted and packaged in Colombia can receive the name of Café de Colombia. Therefore only the coffee they make is authentic Café de Colombia. This means that the Colombian coffee from the local roaster in your area is not authentic. In other words, when you buy coffee through Caffiniti, you are buying an authentic sensory experience of Café de Colombia. You are also helping families represented by hundreds of Colombian people to get a better life.

To find out how you can improve the sensory experience of coffee in your bar or restaurant, visit or call 0757 2339300.

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