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velocity app

Velocity is an app that empowers consumers to book, pay and earn rewards at the world’s best restaurants and bars directly from their phone.

It makes settling the bill instant with payment technology that is integrated to existing point-of-sale systems, allowing staff to concentrate on customer service, increasing table turnover and revenues.

In December, Velocity partnered with selected London restaurants and bars to preview the technology. In the first month, Velocity processed 27% of the venues’ turnover, with over 1,300 diners paying with the app. Velocity customers were spending 14% more per head than non-Velocity users, and 21% higher in the bar, and were also tipping 40% more.

In February, Velocity expanded across the UK, working with restaurants, bars and nightclubs including the Gordon Ramsay group, Burger & Lobster, Gymkhana, Sumosan and Tramp.

With proven results across the country, Velocity increases sales, loyalty and interaction from guests.

Juan Jaramillo, general manager of restaurant Nozomi in Knightsbridge in London, said: “Our customers love being able to settle the bill seamlessly. With a third of our revenues now going through Velocity, my staff can focus on what they do best: customer service.”

Velocity also provides a powerful customer-relationship management (CRM) and analytics platform, providing restaurant and bar managers with real-time feedback, insights into operations and tools to increase engagement with their guests.

Each diner must rate their visit, providing venues with intelligent customer data on the Velocity dashboard that helps improve service, enhance guest satisfaction and ultimately increase sales.

Co-founder Alex Macdonald said: “It’s time for the hospitality industry to benefit from new technology that enhances the customer experience and ultimately drives the bottom line. Velocity targets specific pain points to make the whole experience of going out more convenient and provides invaluable data to venues. It’s a win-win for both venue and guest.”

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