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We sit down with Ben Anderson, Marketing Director at FUNKIN COCKTAILS, who shares some insight into the cocktail sector.

How has the cocktail sector changed?

The cocktail market is now worth a record-breaking £716m and is seeing strong growth with value sales up +8% in the last year. In the UK, one in five of us now drink cocktails in on-trade venues, with a third drinking them at least once a week.

Cocktails are no longer reserved for specific times – or for specific groups of people. Gone are the days when cocktails reigned supreme exclusively among the middle classes. And even the days when cocktails were solely associated with fictitious, high-flying New York socialites are long behind us. Now, women and men of all ages and demographics are getting in on the action.

From all-day weekend brunches, to getting in a round at a local pub or bar, cocktails are on every menu. With this democratisation of the sector, consumers expect more and more venues to serve cocktails – and serve them well.

Of course, cocktails are still viewed as a treat. The theatre of the serve, the killer aesthetic and the price point, all contribute to a feeling that ordering from the cocktail menu is that bit more special. This means that whatever the nature of an on-trade venue, there’s an opportunity for consumers to elevate their occasion with this exciting category.

What are customers looking for when it comes to cocktails?

The top 10 cocktails in the UK on trade still account for two-thirds of all cocktails sold, with Pornstar Martini continuing to steal hearts, coming out on top as the UK’s most popular cocktail and making up 16% of serves.

Interestingly, we’re finding that cocktail drinkers are experimenting less, opting for tried and trusted favourites – two-thirds now saying they have a cocktail ‘go-to’. This means it’s essential for even the most innovative bartenders to have a good handle on the classics.

Please tell us about FUNKIN COCKTAILS range and how bartenders can make the most of your products.

FUNKIN COCKTAILS is the UK’s number one cocktail brand and we’ve been helping bartenders mix up quality cocktails since 1999. All our products use high-quality, real fruit ingredients and our unrivalled range of premium purees, syrups, mixers and garnishes have been specifically created to make sure bartenders can serve up delicious cocktails time and again.

Our 20-strong line up of real fruit Purées – from Berry-based classics to tropical options like Mango, Peach and Pineapple – offers a huge variety to bartenders looking to serve up fresh, fruity cocktails. In fact, FUNKIN Passion Fruit Purée was used in the original Pornstar Martini recipe 20 years ago – fast forward to today, this drink is now the UK’s number one cocktail in the on trade and our passion fruit range remains the top choice for bartenders to create this cocktail.

On top of our Purées, our range of Syrups, including Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Rhubarb, is a must for bartenders looking to enhance cocktail flavours without compromising on fresh fruit tastes.

And for bars prioritising pre-batch, FUNKIN COCKTAILS Mixers provide a simple two-step solution. From the iconic Pornstar Martini, Zombie to Pina Colada, with FUNKIN there’s 20 classic cocktail bases to choose from – all bartenders need to do is add a spirit to get the perfect serve, every time.

All data CGA Mixed Drinks Q1 2022-2023 unless otherwise stated.

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