Industville reveals stylish waterproof lighting collection

Industville waterproof lighting

The team of lighting specialists at Industville recognise the importance of practical yet stylish waterproof lighting when it comes to a bar’s design.

Having waterproof lighting that is both functional and beautiful is often a challenge due to the regulations and requirements it presents. Industville’s new range, however, doesn’t compromise on design.

Industville wanted to make the chic design of its lights available for all weather conditions. The waterproof and weatherproof collection is perfectly suited to bathrooms and outdoor areas.

Whether the bathroom is big or small, the right lighting will create the right atmosphere. It’s all about maximising the space you have, and industrial lights are the ideal way to do this.

Metallic accents have taken over interior design this year and are set to continue into 2019. The range comes in all of their colours, allowing you to select which metallic finish you wish, whether this is brass, pewter or copper.

As for the regulations surrounding bathroom lighting, Industville has lights that are IP20, IP44 and IP65 rated. Where you decide to place your lights will change the IP rating that it will require.

Industville bathroom lighting

As the darker days are setting in, reliable outdoor lighting is needed to make the most of the crisp evenings. Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating bonfire night with sparklers and an autumn BBQ. Without a good lighting source, options are limited.

Choosing lights for your outdoor space is just as important as choosing the ones for inside. The Brooklyn range from Industville doesn’t rust as the lights have a protective lacquer layer on them to ensure they stay unchanged. The range has been put to the test to ensure each and every product can withhold the conditions that it’s meant to.

Industville has worked with a variety of different companies in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, as well as supplying to interior and home projects all over the world. All of its products are made from high quality materials and are handcrafted for the perfect industrial finish.

To find out more about Industville’s lighting ranges, call the team on 0207 9717871 or visit

Industville outdoor lighting

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