Innis & Gunn advertises its lager with ‘drink Scottish’ message

Innis & Gunn Lager Glass

A marketing campaign is under way for Innis & Gunn Lager Beer to encourage people to “drink Scottish”, supported by activity in bars and pubs.

Over four weeks in March and April, a six-figure sum has been spent on advertising in the brewer’s native Edinburgh – the first campaign using out-of-home advertising for the company. From high-traffic billboard sites to taxis, the message is: “When in Rome, drink Italian lager…but you’re in Edinburgh.”

In the trade, Innis & Gunn has installed 100 newly designed lager fonts and has issued bespoke pint glassware (pictured), manufactured by Rastal in Germany.

Digital activity, including Twitter and Facebook, features promotions with the prize of “a day of pints and bites” for the winner and nine friends, using the hashtags #DrinkScottish and #PintPals.

Lucy Hine, marketing manager at Innis & Gunn, said that the campaign was born out of a frustration with the ubiquity of European imports on Innis & Gunn’s home turf.

“We launched lager two years ago and, from a standing start, now have 260 accounts across Scotland, 53 of which are in Edinburgh. The trade are well behind us but there’s still a bit of a way to go in convincing consumers that decent-tasting lagers don’t all come from the continent.

“This campaign is about letting people know that there is a credible – and great-tasting – local alternative to mass-produced, mass-marketed European lagers.

“Our lager is made in small batches, uniquely using naked golden oats for a much smoother mouthfeel, lager malt and large quantities of Super Styrian and Styrian Goldings hops for bitterness and aroma. It’s crisp, refreshing and easy to drink – exactly what lager should be.”

Rastal worked with Innis & Gunn on developing a bespoke decorated pint glass using complex technologies.

Nick Crossley, UK agent for Rastal, said: “The distinctive 360-degree decoration over almost the entire surface presented our graphics and production with unique technical challenges, compounded by the curved walls of the glass.

“The result, which utilises six screens and is applied using special organic inks is one of which we’re extremely proud, and we hope will enhance the enjoyment of Innis & Gunn’s Lager Beer.”

Lucy added: “We wanted to create a glass with a strong brand identity that would get consumers excited about drinking our lager. We’re just waiting to see how long they actually last in trade before we have to completely replenish the supply!”

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