Innis & Gunn launches ale aged with bourbon-infused oak

Innis & Gunn bourbon pale ale

Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has launched a new seasonal ale that has been aged with bourbon-infused American oak.

The Bourbon Pale Ale, at 6% ABV, is designed to evoke classic American pale ale flavours, using classic American hops, Amarillo and Cascade.

After ageing the beer over oak using Innis & Gunn’s Oakerator system, it carries a taste of bourbon with a crisp, refreshing finish, flavoured with a hint of marzipan.

Dougal Sharp, founder of Innis & Gunn, said: “We’re excited to launch our Bourbon Pale Ale and, as far as beers go, it’s as American as they come – minus the cheerleaders and high-fives, sadly.

“It’s been a labour of love to nail the true depth of bourbon flavour but by using American Heartwood oak in our ageing process we’re pretty confident this beer is a true American beauty.”

The copper-coloured beer has aromas of geranium, pink grapefruit and cloves. On the palate, it has a gentle bitterness with sweet chocolate notes from the malt and oak. The finish is light with a hint of marzipan and bourbon.

It is recommended for pairing with dishes such as a spicy Thai dish or slow-cooked barbecued food.

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