Instil launches range of premium ciders from around the world

instil ciders

Leading distributor Instil Drinks Co is today unveiling a new range of ciders from different countries around the world.

At the Craft Beer Rising show in London, it is presenting El Gaitero and Maeloc from Spain, Zeffer from New Zealand. Cidre Le Brun from France, and The Hills Cider Company from Australia.

El Gaitero ciders come from the Valle Ballina y Fernandez brewery in Asturias – the Spanish region famed for its apples for cider production. El Gaitero is one of the most recognised and popular brands from this region which produces 80% of Spain’s cider.

Instil has taken on the El Gaitero Red Grape Sidra – a cider that blends apples with tempranillo grapes, used in wine production, resulting in a fresh and acidic cider with a dry, fruity finish. It is also listing the El Gaitero Apple Sidra – a classic Asturias craft cider.

Named after the 6th-century Bishop of Britannia, Maeloc is a tribute to the bishop and the Britons who travelled from Britannia to Galicia, uniting the customs and cultures of both regions. Maeloc ciders use only apples grown in Galicia and ensure that the cider is made using the traditional method, unconcentrated with no added sugars.

Instil is taking on the Maeloc Dry Apple Cider, the Maeloc Apple Cider with strawberry, the Maeloc Apple Cider with Blackberry, the Maeloc Extra Sec Sparkling Cider, and the Maeloc Naturale Craft Cider.

The Zeffer Cider Co, based in Matakana in New Zealand, is focused on producing top-quality ciders from a carefully selected range of apple varieties. Fruit is sourced direct from growers around the country and then freshly crushed, before a long, cool fermentation process commences at the Zeffer Cidery.

Zeffer ciders are fermented in small batches and are made with minimal intervention allowing the natural flavours and true character to shine through without the use of any artificial colours or sweeteners. Two Zeffer ciders – the Crisp Apple Cider and the Hopped Infused Cider – will be distributed in the UK via Instil.

Le Brun Cidres have been produced in Brittany in France since 1955, made using the traditional method of natural fermentation of pure pressed juice from hand-picked local apples. Several times awarded by the International Cider Challenge and Concours General Agricole in Paris, Le Brun has become the leading premium craft cider maker in the French market.

Instil will be working with the Cidre Artisanal Demi Sec – a traditional farmhouse-style medium-cloudy cider – and the Cidre Le Brun Brut, a dry and sparkling farmhouse cider.

The Hills Cider Company uses 100% fresh farmed fruit sourced from growers in the Adelaide Hills region in Australia. Hand-crafted in small batches with minimal intervention, Hills uses 100% fresh fruit and never adds concentrates, sugar, flavours or water. This artisan approach produces ciders that are crisp, dry, fresh and fruit driven. Instil has taken on the Hills Apple Cider and Pear Cider.

Mark Johnson, managing director of the Instil Drinks Company, said: “Our range has been hand-selected by the Instil team to make sure that the ciders fit with the stringent criteria we insist upon in terms of quality, originality and regional diversity. From still scrumpy to sparkling organic styles, from France to Australia, our cider range ticks all the boxes.

“Craft Beer Rising is the perfect platform for us to showcase our new craft cider range. This year is the first time that there has been a dedicated cider zone, and our range will be featured alongside some of the best ciders currently available in the UK.”

Craft Beer Rising is running at the Old Truman Brewery on February 22 and 23, with a fully booked-up trade session on the afternoon of February 21. The new ciders will be part of the new “Lost in Cider Space”.

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