Introducing De Havilland gin, the new premium classic small batch London dry gin created by aviators. De Havilland honours the world’s first commercial jet flight on 2nd May 1952 when history was made with the De Havilland Comet traveling from London, England to Johannesburg, South Africa.

The brand is inspired by the bravery, and pioneering spirit of those classic aviators and celebrates the best of the British and South African botanicals. Each bottle of small batch distilled gin is labelled with its own unique flight number and signed off with the pilot’s signature.

De Havilland gin has been created by aviator and pilot, Hiru Bathija who has been inspired by the magic of flight and his journeys across the globe, celebrating the people, the land, and the rich diverse cultures of the world.

Hiru Bathija, says; “Having traveled all over the world I wanted to create gin that is connected to the earth of two continents. We want to invoke that real sense of adventure and exploration into the unknown world that those early travelers would have felt. We have used botanicals from the shores of the England, and the plains of the South African Highveld to distill a gin that is fresh, fragrant and elegant, invoking that same exciting feeling. We mix flavours of classic British cucumber and elderflower with South African botanicals like Buchu, Lion’s Tail, and Devil’s Claw. We are delighted with the result.”

With a RRP of £39.00, De Havilland has a smooth, velvety nose that is rich with juniper, aniseed, and tantalising spice. De Havilland gin is deeply satisfying with a cool refreshing herbaceous length and a subtle vanilla finish.

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