Inventor of Kamm & Sons aperitif unveils his own gin

Mr Kamm's Gin

Spirits specialist and former bartender Alex Kammerling has unveiled his first gin after the success of his British aperitif, Kamm & Sons.

Launched this month, Mr Kamm’s Gin is a modern interpretation of the classic London dry gin style, using a blend of 45 ingredients such as apricot kernel, hibiscus, rosehip, blue butterfly pea and citra hops, resulting in a soft, complex gin with an extra-dry finish.

The gin is made in a hand-beaten copper still, starting from a barley base spirit. Some of the botanicals are also used in Kamm & Sons such as ginseng.

At 42% ABV, it comes in the same bottle as Kamm & Sons, which Alex launched in 2011. Mr Kamm’s Gin has a recommended price in retail of £45. Both are distributed in the UK through Love Drinks.

The gin recipe took Alex two years to develop and over 180 distillations before he found the perfect balance of flavours. Originally invented at the bottom of his garden in Finsbury Park in London, the distillation is now done by his parents at the end of their garden in Surrey.

Mr Kamm’s Gin uses a one-shot distillation technique that results in a deeper and more rounded flavour but also limits the yield to a maximum of just 80 bottles per day.

The fruits, flowers, nuts, berries, barks, roots, citrus peels, seeds, berries, herbs, spices and healthy dose of juniper are represented by individual colours on the label.

This recipe means that Mr Kamm’s goes particularly well with other herbal recipes such as Campari, Chartreuse, vermouths and amaros. It pairs well with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, best served long over ice with a slice of cucumber and grapefruit wedge to garnish.

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