IPA from Northumberland named Britain’s ‘hottest beer’

Jakehead Wylam Brewery

Jakehead IPA from Wylam Brewery in Northumberland has been named Britain’s “hottest beer” in a public vote.

Using Twitter, beer specialists Shane McNamara and James Law (pictured) received many thousands of votes during a three-month search under the banner of Britain’s 100 Hottest Beers.

Jakehead is a rich and flavour-packed IPA at 6.3% ABV, first brewed two years ago by Wylam which is in Heddon on the Wall, west of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dave Stone from Wylam Brewery said: “Jakehead has enjoyed a cult status in Tyne & Wear for the last couple of years since we first brewed it. It’s incredible how a wave of enthusiasm from the craft beer drinkers of our region has ended up with Jakehead being voted the best beer in Britain.

“Winning the 100 Hottest Beers poll is a testament to them really and we thank them for their support. Looks like we’d better brew some more of it now that it’s ‘Britain’s Hottest Beer’ so people outside the north-east can get the chance to try it.”

For the full list of winners, visit www.100hottestbeers.com.

James added: “Neither of us had heard of Jakehead three months ago, but now it’s at the top of the list of our favourite beers. There’s so much strength and depth in British beer, we’re really pleased that a relative unknown has risen to the top.

“Although this is the first year for 100 Hottest Beers, we really hope it will go on to be a bellwether of British drinking trends for years to come.”

James previously ran events, marketing and product development at a London craft brewery. Shane previously worked as a brewer and now works for the Institute of Brewing & Distilling and The Beer Academy – he is an accredited beer sommelier and also holds postgraduate qualifications in brewing from the University of Ballarat and University of Nottingham.

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