Italian amaro introduced in UK by CWF

amaro del capo

Drinks supplier CWF has introduced a new liqueur, Vecchio Amaro Del Capo, to meet increasing demand for Italian drinks in the UK.

Amaro del Capo consists of herbs, flowers, fruit and roots from Italy’s Calabrian region where it is made, using a recipe developed over four generations of the Caffo family.

With ABV of 35%, it features bitter orange, sweet orange, liquorice, mandarin, camomile and juniper among the 29 herbs in its unique infusion.

CWF’s marketing manager, Amy Giacobbi, said: “Consumers are increasingly becoming interested in trying new flavours and liqueurs from Italy and this Amaro del Capo will satisfy those looking for something a little different. To really enjoy the taste, drink served straight from the freezer.”

CWF, or Continental Wine and Food, specialises in Italian wines and spirits, including wineries such as Cantina di Soave and Rocca delle Macie.

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