Italian spirit introduced to rival Aperol

A new Italian spirit, Sprizzato, has been launched in the UK on the back of the popularity of Italian aperitifs and rising sales in brands such as Aperol.

The bitter citrus and rhubarb-infused spirit can be combined in a “spritz” serve (pictured) with prosecco, stirred with ice and topped up with soda water and slices of orange.

It is also being promoted as a cocktail ingredient, such as a twist on a Bellini using strawberry or peach puree and prosecco or the Italian Riviera (see below).

Founded by a small Anglo-Italian team, Sprizzato was created to introduce the spritz serve that has been a popular aperitif in Italy since the 1920s.

They say they have launched it as a “boutique alternative” to the Italian bitter spirit Aperol, using a traditional process and Italian ingredients.

Sprizzato is now available at all sites operated by London’s First Restaurant Group such as The Clerk & Well, The Summerhouse and The Running Horse, as well as at independent venues L’anima, Assiette Anglaise, Scalini’s, Le Peche Mignon and Montes.

Italian Riviera

50ml Sprizzato
50ml Peach juice
50ml Orange juice
Splash of lemon juice

Build over a little crushed ice in a champagne saucer.

A short version of this story features in the Ones To Watch report in the January edition of Bar magazine.

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