Jacob’s Creek recommends wine pairings with popular snacks

jacobs creek pizza wine

New pairings of food and wine are being promoted after research found that more than half of British adults are enjoying wine with pizzas and other snacks.

Research carried out for winery Jacob’s Creek found that 57% of people regularly replace evening weekday meals with snacks and that the most popular with wine are pizza at 59%, nachos at 38% and pittas with dips at 33%.

The research, questioning 2,000 adults, also found that 51% of people said they would probably want to know more about the wines that go with the foods they regularly eat. Another 71% said they thought there was too much snobbery around wine selection.

Jacob’s Creek winemaker Rebekah Richardson worked with TV foodie Jo Pratt to come up with the perfect pairings for 10 of the nation’s favourite snacks. They presented 110 possible combinations, available at www.facebook.com/jacobscreek.

Highlights include Chardonnay working beautifully with wasabi peas due to the creaminess of the wine taking the heat out of the horseradish. It also works well with pittas and hummus because of the peach and melon notes of the wine complementing the nutty flavours of the chickpeas.

A classic margherita pizza goes best with a Shiraz, while a pepperoni pizza is ideal with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Sausage rolls pair well with a Riesling due to the buttery pastry and rich pork balancing the lime and green apple flavours of the wine.

Nachos were found to match brilliantly with a Pinot Grigio. For scotch eggs, a Fiano complemented the flavours well. Chocolate and Merlot are also a perfect match, while popcorn went well with Sauvignon Blanc.

Rebekah said: “We’re passionate about making quality wines that are great for sharing with good friends and family, and we wanted to celebrate those authentic moments when people are together enjoying a glass of wine with a snack as well. This guide helps people make the most of that time, with a glass of wine that tastes amazing with their favourite treat.

“Britons told us they wanted to know about the best wines to go with snacks like wasabi peas, popcorn and chocolate as well as old favourites like pizza. And, this new take on wine pairings is the perfect solution.”

Jo added: “There are plenty of guidelines out there about the best wines to drink with main meals but there isn’t really any inspiration for which wines to enjoy with smaller plates or snacks. So it’s brilliant to know you can now enjoy a delicious wine that perfectly complements the flavours of whatever you’re eating – whether that’s a Sunday roast with all the family, or a well-deserved treat just for you. And wasabi peas and Chardonnay was a real eye opener.”

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