Jim Beam launches programme to engage with UK bartenders

Jim Beam participants

A new programme is being launched for Jim Beam bourbon to engage with UK bartenders, including the chance to win a trip to Tokyo in a challenge around the Highball serve.

American college-themed classes are due to be held in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham and London in May and June under the banner of “Jim Beam Presents: Class of 2018”.

They aim to offer attendees an “immersive and ultimately fun” experience so they can explore the fundamentals of American whiskey and learn about the craftsmanship and history behind it.

Guest speakers are set to include Tristan Stephenson (pictured right), author of the Curious Bartender books and co-founder of bars including The Worship Street Whistling Shop and Black Rock, and Alex Lawrence, head bartender at world-leading bar Dandelyan in London.

The inaugural “Class of 2018” in London will feature Fred Noe, great-grandson of Jim Beam and the seventh-generation master distiller.

The college theme will be reflected in “classes” such as “Geography”, demystifying the differences between bourbon and American whiskey generally, and “Chemistry”, covering the taste profiles and make-up of Jim Beam’s products. “Business Management” will feature the guest “lecturers” and also look at trends such as the rise of the Highball serve.

As part of “graduation”, each bartender will have a chance to win the “Ultimate Field Trip” to Tokyo, the home of the Highball serve. It will be open to all attendees of “Jim Beam Presents: Class of 2018” and the grand prize will be granted to the bartender’s menu that features the most innovative twist on the classic Jim Beam Highball.

Johna Penman, head of brands at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Distribution, said: “As the number-one bourbon in the world, we wanted to move away from traditional training sessions and instead offer bartenders a unique opportunity to understand and experience the Jim Beam legacy first hand.

“Drawing from over two centuries worth of whiskey knowledge, these workshops will inspire bartenders by integrating some of the most influential speakers in the business to share their industry expertise, giving guests the warmest of welcomes to the family.”

The events will be held in London on May 8 and 9, in Edinburgh on May 16, in Liverpool on May 29 and in Birmingham on June 12. To sign up, visit www.jimbeam-classof2018.com.

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