Jose Cuervo appoints bartender as ‘salt sommelier’ for Margaritas

jose cuervo max venning salt sommelier

Bartender Max Venning has been appointed to the role of “salt sommelier” to travel the world in search of the best salt for a Cuervo Margarita.

Max (pictured), who works at Three Sheets in London, has travelled to Anglesey in north Wales, the Isle of Skye in Scotland and Maldon in Essex which are all areas famed for their salt.

At each location, Max designed a Margarita using Jose Cuervo Tradicional, the 100% blue agave tequila, and paired the flavour profile of the salt to the drink.

Jose Cuervo appointed him as its first salt sommelier because it sees salt as an essential ingredient in a Margarita as it balances out the flavours.

Max said: “A lot of people don’t realise the versatility salt can have in enhancing recipes and bringing out the subtlest of flavours. As the UK’s founding salt sommelier, it’s my mission to change this and to travel the nation to create the best-tasting Margarita with a perfectly paired salt.”

He found that a classic Cuervo Margarita was best paired with the salts of Halen Mon in Anglesey which is used to make Salt Smoked Caramel. “The salt has a very clean flavour, and a nice sweetness with a light flavour of the ocean, which allows the tequila to shine,” Max explained.

The Cuervo Nettle Margarita complemented the salts from Skye where premium salt is harvested from the crystal-clear waters of Lock Snizort. Max said: “The salt has an amazing ocean flavour which marries the fresh green notes of the nettle cordial to create an incredible-tasting drink.”

The tropical flavours of the Cuervo Passion Fruit Margarita partnered perfectly with Maldon Salt. Max added: “This natural and traditional salt is loved by chefs worldwide. The smoky notes of the salt complement the acidity and sweetness of the passion fruit.”

To watch Max making the Margaritas, visit

Cuervo Classic Margarita
50ml Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver
20ml Agavero Orange Tequila Liqueur
25ml Fresh lime juice
15ml Agave syrup
Shake and double-strain into a glass rimmed with Halen Mon salt.

Cuervo Nettle Margarita
50ml Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver
25m Lemon juice
15ml nettle cordial
10ml Sugar syrup
2.5ml Isle of Skye sea salt solution (5g salt: 50g water)
Shake and double-strain into a glass.

Cuervo Passion Fruit Margarita
50ml Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver
15ml Funkin Passion Fruit Puree or 1 Whole passion fruit
25ml Fresh lime juice
15ml Agave syrup
Shake and double-strain into a glass rimmed with Maldon salt.

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