Jumping Goat launches in the UK with When We Are Giants

Jumping Goat liqueur

Drinksology Group’s distribution team When We Are Giants has been appointed as the distributor for New Zealand’s Jumping Goat coffee liqueur as it enters the UK market.

The coffee-rich liqueur launched five years ago in New Zealand, and already has significant distribution across New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Canada.

To produce Jumping Goat, 100% organic cold-brew coffee that is blended with spices, spring water and pure New Zealand vodka.

Inspired by coffee’s roots in Ancient Ethiopia, earlier this year the brand announced a worldwide partnership with Farm Africa that will see the company donate at least NZ $10,000 from worldwide sales to the UK/USA agricultural charity in the year from 1 September 2019.

Callum O’Brien, CEO of Jumping Goat, said: “We are thrilled to be forming a partnership with the Drinksology Group. It has an impressive portfolio and it’s an excellent fit for Jumping Goat.

“After our success in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Canada, we’re looking forward to growing the brand further within the UK trade and consumer market.”

Mike Beavan, Sales Director of Drinksology Group – When We Are Giants, added: “Jumping Goat is a young, forward-thinking brand with a great tasting liqueur, so we’re delighted to be adding it to our portfolio of premium products.”

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