Kestrel lager calls on golfers to rename ‘hole in one’

kestrel golfA campaign has been launched in golf club bars for Kestrel Premium Lager, promoting the idea of nicknaming a “hole in one” as a “kestrel” to support the fight to save the endangered bird of prey.

Rolling out to up to 250 golf clubs, initially throughout Scotland, it is supported by PR and in-club marketing including posters, beer mats and other bar materials.

It is based on the insight that golf has a number of bird-related terms such as an eagle, birdie and albatross, but the hole in one does not. Kestrel’s owner Brookfield Drinks intends to petition golf’s governing body, the R&A, to have the term officially recognised.

Golfers will be invited to join the Kestrel Club when they score a “kestrel” and will be rewarded with a signed certificate, an exclusive Kestrel ball marker and the chance to take part in a golfing tournament hosted by Kestrel where they will have two attempts to score a hole in one for their chance to win up to £100,000.

Nigel McNally, managing director of Brookfield Drinks, said: “Our Hole in One campaign will enable the brand to engage with one of our key demographics, while presenting us with further on-trade listing opportunities.

“The Kestrel hole-in-one activity provides support to golf clubs who are experiencing a tough economic time at the moment. It will also reinforce the need to address the decline in the kestrel population which is now threatened.”

According to the RSPB, kestrel numbers in the UK have declined by more than a quarter since the 1980s, possibly because of declines in the availability of rodent prey due to intensive farming methods.

The campaign coincides with the launch of the Kestrel’s first foray into a 330ml bottle to highlight the beer’s premium positioning. The stylish new green bottles feature the classic trademark Kestrel logo and Scottish flag to promote its Scottish roots.

Nigel said: “The launch of our new 330ml Kestrel bottle at 5% ABV is at a time when other brands are reducing the size of their bottles and lowering their ABVs. Kestrel continues to takes the high ground in terms of integrity in the lager sector.”

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