Kinahan’s releases whiskey aged in hybrid casks

Kinahan’s Kasc Project whiskey

Irish distiller Kinahan’s has launched the first in a new series of whiskies called the Kasc Project, which comprises of expressions made in bespoke handmade hybrid casks.

Each cask is individually constructed from a mix of five different types of wood, including Portuguese oak, French oak, American oak, Hungarian oak and Chestnut, which is said to help create a blend of rich unusual new flavours.

The first Kasc Project expression, described as “a riot of unconventional flavours”, features a blend of malt and grain whiskies. The spirit is bottled at 43% ABV with no chill filtration and without adding artificial colouring.

On the nose, the whiskey boasts “notes of red plum, pear, red apple, tropical fruits and Mediterranean caramel spice”. The palate has “vanilla charred oaky notes of ripe mango with caramelised tropical fruits and chocolate caramel, lingering sun-dried raisin and fig”, while the finish offers hints of nutmeg, orange, clove, honeycomb and pineapple.

Zak Oganian, managing director of Kinahan’s, said: “This is an escape into the new ways of whiskey making. If you are a traditional whiskey drinker, this is not the whiskey for you. This is a daring and unconventional whiskey – it’s a riot of wood.”

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