Tony Pescatori, Managing Director of Alma Bar, London, shares an Espresso Martini-style serve, Kunama, the perfect tipple to serve during the colder months, with flavours of coffee, orange and Christmas spice.

Imagine a fluffy spiced Espresso Martini, but elevated; long, flavourful and perfect as a pick-me-up, this drink was inspired by ancestral African ingredients and cultures. The drink is a perfect combination of all things that pair well with coffee: dark rum, orange and complex spice.

The Kunama people are a 3000-year-old Matriarchal tribe, indigenous to the areas now known as Ethiopia and Eritrea. This adaptation of an Espresso Martini features African flavours, and rotates around the richness and depth of roasted Ethiopian coffee, ethically sourced from Bulessa, in Sidamo, where Tizita Bizuneh has set up a coffee washing plant fully managed and run by local women. 

The Bulessa Washing Station, where this coffee is produced, is expanding its campaign to empower more women in the coffee supply chain. The group is now providing educational and agricultural workshops for women and children across the larger community. The contributing smallholders and their families are also registered as members of the Keranshe support network, which provides access to healthcare and education.

In Ethiopia it is unbelievably rare that women are in management positions in washing stations, or even run coffee businesses. Well, welcome to the stage, Tizita Bizuneh. Tizita runs the Bulessa washing station in Sidama, which is run entirely by women. Tizita started this project with a focus on the training of women farmers, with the aim of empowering Ethiopian women who work in the coffee sector, from production to station management. 

La Hechicera is a Solera aged Colombian Rum that contains a blend of 12- to 21-year-old American cask aged liquids. Heavy on toffee, orange and tobacco, it is the perfect backbone for Kunama’s flavour profile. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge blends more than 400 different cognacs produced in the area. Green Caribbean Bigarade Orange peels are infused in spirit then distilled and added to the cognac alongside sugar to balance the bitterness. Amaro Santoni is a bittersweet Amaro made in Florence that uses 34 different herbs and plants, including rhubarb root, iris flower and olive leaf, resulting in a Christmas spice liquid, perfect to add a mix of spice in an array of serves. Jagermeister Cold Brew, is the perfect blend of slowly cold brewed Arabica coffee and the 56 botanicals of original Jägermeister. Ethiopian Korekima, also called false cardamom, grows in the South Western part of Ethiopia in big pods full of seeds that are harvested and dried over charcoal fire, giving it a smoky and camphorous edge.



  • La Hechicera Extra Anejo Rum
  • Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
  • Ethiopia Women’s Bulessa Cold Brew Coffee 
  • Jagermeister Cold Brew
  • Amaro Santoni
  • Ethiopian Korekima spice 


In a shaker, mix 25ml La Hechicera Extra Anejo Rum, 10ml Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge and 30ml Ethiopia Women’s Bulessa Cold Brew Coffee. Then, add 10ml Jagermeister Cold Brew and 5ml Amaro Santoni. Add a pinch of grinded Ethiopian Korekima spice (or cardamom seeds), mix together, and serve.

Cold Brew Coffee


Add 100g of Grinded Ethiopian coffee to 700ml of filtered water. Then, refrigerate for 24 hours and strain through a paper filter.

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