La Fée absinthe owners launch new Envy & NV range of spirits

ENVY & NV Spirits

The owners of La Fée Absinthe have expanded their NV Absinthe line with the launch of four other spirits under the brand name of Envy & NV Spirits.

The new range comprises a Caribbean white rhum, a London dry gin, a Scottish blended whisky and a triple-distilled French vodka alongside the already established 38% ABV French absinthe.

Production, bottling and sales began in April this year although the idea dates back in 2007 when La Fée took the first step from premium to mainstream with its lower-strength NV Absinthe.

Aimed at the on-trade, the spirits have been sourced from across the world such as the French-style “rhum” which is made with sugar cane from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

The Envy & NV brand is set to grow supported by money raised by releasing 10% of equity this year through crowd-funding.

George Rowley, owner of La Fée said: “We have an opportunity to enter the mainstream spirits market with our new Envy & NV Spirits brand via our established independent global distribution channels currently used to ship our premium brands, reducing costs by shipping alongside them.

“Our new range of base spirits, unified in one simple brand, design, name and bar call, offers our distributors a chance not always open to them – to enter the mainstream market with a quality affordable product, and an already established client base. It’s a ‘win win’ for us, the independent distributors and our customers alike.”

The Envy & NV Spirits range is on sale in the EU via and from Gerry’s Wine and Spirits. Recommended prices in retail for the 70cl bottles are £15.85 for the 37.5% ABV vodka, £15.85 for the 37.5% ABV gin, £16.25 for the 40% ABV rum, £17.25 for the 40% ABV whisky and £18.25 for the 38% ABV absinthe.

George said: “Our new range’s ethos is encapsulated in the mantra, ‘less is more’: bottles are lighter, there’s less packaging and less energy used in delivery, doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and waste.

“We’re countering the boutique premium market with affordable products that cost less yet retain quality through time-honoured traditional techniques and authentic recipes. What’s not to like?”

NV Spirits was set up after 18 months of research and development, looking to develop a brand separate from the premium La Fée absinthe portfolio.

Tasting notes from drinks industry expert taster Pierre Mansour

Envy & NV Vodka
This excellent, triple-distilled vodka has a vibrant, crystalline appearance which immediately hints at the purity of this 100% grain style. With delicate, refined aromas it is both gentle and rich with a soft, mellow texture and a lovely, discreet spice which persists on the finish. A whistle-clean and harmonious Vodka that will not fail to lift the party spirit.

Envy & NV Gin
A classic London Dry Gin with wonderfully fragrant aromas that immediately jump out of the glass. This has incredible detail of flavour, ranging from floral, lavender notes to lifted, citrus flavours that result in a Gin of quite remarkable complexity for the price. It is round and juicy with a hint of sweetness to support the refreshing finish.

Envy & NV Rhum
An artisan expression of the Caribbean’s most famous spirit, notably spelt ‘rhum’ to reflect the authentic expression of the style. This has a brilliant, almost fluorescent appearance with attractive exotic flavours combining fig, maple syrup and fragrant spice. The delicious palate is characterised by smoothness, sweetness and a long, rich finish.

Envy & NV Whisky
This blend of fine scotch whiskies has been specially selected to express the characteristics that have made this one of the most successful spirits in the world. Bright golden, it is fruity and generously flavoured with aromas of orange intermingling with delicate smoky flavours from oak-ageing. Starting sweet, the finish is spicy, robust and warming.

Envy & NV Absinthe
A brilliant introduction to this most historic of spirits, NV Absinthe has a dazzling lime colour and complex flavours, ranging from herbal anise to vanilla, cocoa and lemon zest. Intense and generous to taste, it is smooth, well-balanced and creamy with a superb finish that fuses sweetness with notes of fennel and mint.

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