La Maison Cointreau launches Cointreau Blood Orange

La Maison Cointreau has launched a new take on the Cointreau original, Cointreau Blood Orange, a balance between sweet, bitter and blood orange peels.

To create Cointreau Blood Orange, La Maison Cointreau selects blood oranges and then distills their peels along with those of the signature sweet and bitter orange of Cointreau.

Just like Cointreau’s founder Edouard, who travelled the globe to find the finest oranges, La Maison Cointreau has continued in his 
footsteps, locating aromatic blood orange fruit in the orange groves of the Mediterranean island of Corsica, called L’ile de beauté.

There, Maison Cointreau found one distinctive tree to allow the creation of the Cointreau Blood Orange. Grown in the heart of an orangery with open sky between sea and mountains, the one Cointreau Blood Orange tree, with a combination of Mediterranean climate and the rugged Corsican soil gives the blood orange its vitality, aroma and taste.

The blood oranges are harvested at just the right moment, which is once a year between February and March when their peels contain high concentrations of the essential oils that are then captured by distillation.

Cointreau Blood Orange can be appreciated in a long drink or cocktail such as the Cointreau Rouge: one half of Cointreau Blood Orange, one half of Cranbury juice, served in a big wine glass over lots of ice with a slice of orange.

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