This October will see the launch of Laki Kane’s new autumn menu, a delectable collection of modern Tiki libations, set to transport the taste buds to a tropical paradise.

Laki Kane is centred around escapism – it is a tropical escape bar that combines the flavours and culture of all tropical islands. From the modern Tiki decor, the intricate vessels for the drinks, the theatrics around the serves and of course the drinks themselves – everything is focused on transporting guests away to a tropical escape or their favourite holiday destination.

Using ingredients that are not often seen on a UK cocktail menu including acerola cherry, cupuaçu, sapodilla, and stone apple guests will often recognise the tastes but can’t pin point what exoctic flavour they are – further adding to the journey of exploration.

The new menu features 14 new cocktails, mostly focussed around rums as is the Tiki Bar tradition. Created by Georgi Radev and his team, the menu has several rifts of classics but with a tropical twist. Jungle Nutter – Four Roses Bourbon & Laphroaig whiskeys, Metaxa Greek brandy mixed with Lillet Blanc vermouth, Lucano amaro, mango, agave and peanut butter, clarified, stirred and served over a clear ice block – is along the lines of a Manhattan but using different spirits the bourbon gives you the raw spirits hit at the back of the throat, Metaxa gives you sweetness and raisins and Laphroaig giving you the peaty smoky flavour and lillet floral and apricot and amaro give you the bitterness, agave to give your sweetness and mango and peanuts for the tropical twist.

Georgi’s favourite drink from the new menu is the Pinup Zombie – A blend of Bacardi Añejo Cuatro, Plantation Isle of Fiji & Pusser’s Gunpowder rums, shaken with cherry and mountain pine liqueurs, exotic syrups, falernum liqueur, citrus and flaming La Fee absinthe. It is a fruity twist on the original zombie from the Don the Beachcomber bar and it is a more feminine version of the zombie, the ABV is as strong but it’s fruity and delicious and easier to drink.

The Firebird is set to be the highest ABV drink on the menu and packs a real punch – Havana Club 7 and Chairman’s Reserve Spiced rums shaken with Mezcal Bruxo, Green Chartreuse overproof liqueur, Amaro Averna liqueur, Sassy Apple cider, Angostura bitters, orgeat and fresh orange juice.

The Purple Haze cocktail is made with rum expert Ian Burrel’s rum and the team worked with Ian to create the cocktail. La Hechicera rum, Clément Canne Bleue rhum and Equiano Light rum shaken with kiwi, dragon fruit, grapefruit liqueur and fresh orange juice.

Laki Kane is famed for their theatrics and sharing cocktails, injecting a heavy dose of fun and fireworks into a night out. New sharers to the menu include the Treasure Chest which Georgi has reimagined from his many years running the former Mahiki Bar. Guests will be served the elements of the cocktail in their separate bottles and will mix their own drink at the table. A delicious combination of Bacardi Cuatro & Ocho rums mixed with Merlet Peach Liqueur, agave, pineapple juice, mint and a whole bottle of Prosecco. Based on 6-8 people sharing and priced at £70.

Shots are a big fun part of their new menu and they have kept the favourite Oyster Pineapple Daiquiri Shots. If guests order 20+ shots they come served in a custom made shot surfboard, guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

All the vessels are designed by the team at Laki Kane and created at their partners ceramics factory in Bulgaria who use the cast offs from their ceramic runs to make the intricate vessels. To celebrate the new menu launch they will be holding an amnesty for anyone who has taken a vessel home with them in the past. If they come to the bar for the Amnesty House 5-8pm Wednesday 12 – Sunday 16 October they will receive a free cocktail from the new menu.

 Georgi says of the new menu, “when the world is in crisis is when someone needs to bring happiness to the world. People have to enjoy themselves. At Laki Kane we strive to ensure that every customer feels this day is the most special day and we transport them away from their daily lives through our music, decor and most importantly our drinks.”

The new menu will launch on Wednesday 12 October following an industry launch party on Tuesday 11 October.

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