Lamb Weston introduces Hot2Home Skin-On Fries

H2H Skin On Fries

Potato specialist Lamb Weston has added new Skin-On Fries to its Hot2Home range, created to help operators keep fries hot and crispy for longer.

Hot2Home Fries, which launched to the UK market in 2018, works in a winning combination of two parts: newly developed fries with a special ultra-thin starch coating to ensure they stay crispy and flavourful longer – plus a patented packaging that works with the fries coating to stay hot and crispy for up to 20 minutes.

The regular fries are available in two cut sizes, 6x6mm and 9x9mm, and Skin-On comes in 9x9mm. Hot2Home’s packaging has been created with sustainability in mind; the wood used for the carton board is harvested under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the greaseproof coating on the cardboard is fully recyclable.

Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s country marketing manager UK & ROI, said: “Customers want hot and crispy fries with their meal and Hot2Home really ‘delivers’!

“It’s truly the end to soggy fries and now, with Skin-On added to the range, all fries lovers will be happy. It’s an exciting, innovative solution in a growing market which can boost sales for operators and ensure consumer satisfaction.”

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