Lamb Weston launches rough-cut fries for hand-crafted effect

Lamb Weston Connoiseur Fries

A range of “artisanal” fries has been introduced by potato specialist Lamb Weston to meet demand for “simple, natural and honest food”.

The Connoisseur Fries range (pictured) features irregular and rough-cut potatoes to give a look of hand-crafted and freshly prepared fries, breaking away from the traditional uniform cut. Coming in four versions, they have a crispy, rich-tasting outer layer and a fluffy inside.

Nigel Phillips, Lamb Weston’s UK sales director, said: “Offering a total solution for our customers, the Connoisseur concept recognises that fries form an integral part of any food offering, with the new range combining a unique-tasting, highly profitable product with emphasis on strong presentation and promotion on menus .

“These are more than just fries – they are designed to contribute to an enhanced dining experience for your customers.”

The authentic appearance of the fries allows bars and pubs to offer home-cooked-style food without the cost and time constraints of making from scratch.

International channel manager Maarten Ploos van Amstel said: “It is not all about the look and taste of fries. Presentation is also key. Connoisseur Fries lend themselves perfectly to creating an attractive display, whether served on a plate, presented in a bowl or served in mini fry baskets or buckets.

“At Lamb Weston we are committed to supporting our customers – and this extends to all aspects of the dining experience – including how fries are presented and served. We offer everything from practical back-of-house support to recipe ideas and marketing materials, meaning caterers can take advantage of the many opportunities Connoisseur Fries can provide.”

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