Langstane Liquor Company creates whisky specifically for Highballs

Glasshouse Whisky

Langstane Liquor Company has unveiled Glasshouse, a “bright and fruity” whisky designed to be complementary in long drinks.

The company, co-founded by Ben Iravani, Josh Rennie and Alex Lawrence, who is also the global head of bar operations for Mr Lyan Group, studied the whisky Highball and subsequently created a liquid to suit it.

The team selected a blend of malt whiskies that would hold flavour when lengthened with soda or other mixers were selected.

Glasshouse is a single grain, blended malt whisky made from 100% malted barley, created using a blend of both Coffey and Pot still distillates from a single Highland distillery.

Bottled non-chill filtered at 46% ABV, the result is a “beautifully balanced scotch that holds its body and flavours of rich orchard fruits when served in a Highball”.

Glasshouse takes its name and branding from the Victorian Glasshouses which have been associated with entertaining, and which saw exotic fruits like pineapples being grown in Scotland in the 1800s, coinciding with the invention of the Coffey Still.

Ben said: “Adding a whisky to our portfolio was something we had always wanted to do, and we feel Glasshouse is perfect for breaking the traditional stereotypes often associated with Scotch.

“The popularity of Whisky Highballs is gathering momentum, so we felt it was the perfect time to create a whisky designed specifically for mixing in long drinks that could hold its own, and carry full flavours.”

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