Launch for new ‘traditional but refreshingly individual’ gin

Silent Pool Gin

A new classic-style gin with a sophisticated recipe has been launched in the UK, inspired by ancient pools in the Surrey Hills, after years of research and trials.

Silent Pool is made with 24 botanicals, with a juniper-driven recipe featuring floral layers of lavender and camomile, fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime leaves and subtle sweetness from using honey.

It was developed by distiller Cory Mason who took inspiration from the ancient Silent Pools close to the Silent Pool Distillery on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate in Surrey. He describes it as “a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly individual”.

Silent Pool Gin has been launched in the UK through leading boutique spirits specialist Cask Liquid Marketing, with award-winning bartender India Blanch supporting it as a brand ambassador.

Cory undertook a year of research into botanicals along with distiller Tom Hutchings who worked on the project for his MSc thesis at the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University in Scotland.

A portion of the botanicals are bruised and macerated in the base spirit for 24 hours before being transferred to the still. These are the botanicals that give the depth and mouth feel, the heavy and rich flavour: Bosnian juniper, coriander seeds, Bulgarian angelica, Italian orris, liquorice root, cassia bark, cardamon, cubeb, grain of paradise, bergamot orange peel, bitter orange peel and local honey.

Another portion of the botanicals are macerated in a higher-proof spirit and then filtered out, leaving only the oils and aromatic compounds to be added to the distillation. These aromatic additions give the gin ethereal high notes of perfumed lime and subtle flowers: rose petals, linden flower, camomile flowers, elderflower and locally grown kaffir lime leaves

The final addition of botanicals are added to the gin basket, which hangs inside the still. These botanicals are fresh and give the gin its life and active flavour. In this group of botanicals are fresh citrus peel and a second type of juniper as well as a mix of flowers and bright fruit.

This final infusion brings the flavours that balance out the gin, integrating and enlivening all of the other botanicals. It features Macedonian juniper, coriander seeds, Belgian angelica, lavender flowers, fresh orange peel, bitter orange peel, fresh lime peel, grain of paradise, fresh local pear and dried pear.

Unlike other traditional gins, Silent Pool is distilled using a column. Through precise control over a series of plates and cooling pipes, the exact flavours from each botanical are separated. The botanticals are broken down and only the selected sections are captured and used in the gin. It is bottled at 43% ABV.

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