Agua de Madre, the Original Cultured Beverage, has launched its sparkling water kefir in a can. Packed with billions of live cultures, the Madre mother grains were discovered in Mexico 2000 years ago, on the pads of the Nopal cactus. Mixed with organic Mediterranean lemons and fiery ginger root creating a thirst quenching, vegan water kefir. The Madre happily ferments in bespoke ceramic eggs traditionally used in wine production, they are the perfect environment for the Madre to do her thing.

To support the body and mind, the Madres and Padres at Casa de Madre boost the blend with extracts of Nopal Cactus, the same plant our mother culture was first discovered on, as well as botanical Ginseng and our favourite Ashwagandha, all known for their adaptogenic immune-boosting properties, gut health and mood enhancing powers.

Lemon & Ginger flavour also includes three traditional Mexican chillies – habanero, ancho and smoky chipotle – just enough to add fire to your fiesta. Blood Orange Bitters flavour is the multi layered citrus blend for grown-ups seeking more complexity from their beverage.

Founder Nicola Hart lovingly known as The Madre comments: “We are so thrilled and excited about this new offering in the functional drinks market. We are on a mission to bring the naturally invigorating and extensive benefits of Water Kefir’s live cultures to a global market, with our new can range paving the way. We have been working passionately on fine-tuning the blend and preparing our game-changing cans to add more fizz to your fiesta. We believe we have a truly unique, eye-catching and evocative design, by Creative Director Chris Chapman. These cool cans are for people who want the ultimate healthy, functional grab and go refreshing hit. We say ¡No Más!’ to small cans, the 330ml is ideal thirst quencher to start the day, with a meal or as a genuinely moreish alcohol alternative that won’t leave you feeling left out. Raise a glass to your digestive system, the health-enhancing hero under your poncho. ”

 Available online now, The Madre launches the on-the-go can in two flavours: Lemon & Ginger and Blood Orange bitters.

Adios sugary fizzy drinks, The Madre will take it from here. If you want to have a glow, go with your gut and trust the Madre knows best.

£36 for a case of 12. Exclusively online

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