Leading design studio Timorous Beasties revamps Hepple Gin

Hepple Gin new look

The Moorland Spirit Company has unveiled a new look for its Hepple Gin designed in collaboration with leading Scottish design studio Timorous Beasties.

The designers, known for their bold and often edgy vision, have come up with a bottle that captures the “true wildness” of the spirit that the Northumberland distillery creates.

Originally launched in 2015, the gin uses a “triple technique” to capture the character of the fresh juniper found at the Hepple estate. These processes are said to be used so that complete, live flavours emerge purer and brighter than is possible using traditional methods alone.

The brief for the new design was to depict how The Moorland Sprit Co brings the green juniper into every bottle of Hepple Gin, to express the wildness and freshness of the spirit while presenting some of the science that lies behind their triple technique system.

Timorous Beasties co-founder Alistair McAuley visited the distillery and the land around it to see the intricate process used by the Moorland Spirit team. He said: “Our job was to blend much of the wild nature surrounding the distillery with the science that is at the heart of their method. We also wanted to make something that exploits their unique point of difference in a very busy market. I feel the design reflects their unique and colourful story.”

Hepple Gin’s managing director Walter Riddell added: “We are excited because this bottle reveals how we are able to capture the true essence of juniper, at its freshest and most complete, through a system that has never been used in gin distilling before.

“Hepple Gin has had intense interest from bartenders looking for a gin to improve classic cocktails. With this new design, we believe our very particular approach to spirit making will be more widely understood.”

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