Legendary quiz show host launches interactive quiz for bars

quiz the nation

Legendary TV quiz show host Gordon Burns has launched a new service for bars and pubs to run interactive quizzes.

He will present the new game, called Quiz the Nation, along with Darren Proctor of Key 103 Radio every Sunday evening from October through Sky Channel 254.

Free of charge for bars and pubs, it aims to help operators to increase revenue, footfall and profits.

It uses much of the format of ITV’s The Krypton Factor which Gordon presented from 1977 to 1995. It tests mental agility and speed of thought as well as general knowledge. The app also records player speed of response so Googling the answer is no longer an option for quiz players.

The quiz allows players to play by themselves or in a team in the same pub, as well as nationally across the country, to win a top prize of £1,000 and other weekly cash prizes – all paid for by Quiz the Nation.

At the end of each round, quiz players will find out their position both locally and nationally, meaning that even if they do not win the top prize, they still have the chance to top the leader board.

Customers simply download the Quiz the Nation app, which is available free of charge on their smart phone or tablet, and then pay a small entry fee of £2, with discounts available for teams. They then play the quiz broadcast on the venue’s TV.

Trials were conducted with pub operators over a four-week period. In that time, footfall increased by an average of around 50 players per pub, with news spreading quickly among participants.

Revenue increased by an average of £500 per pub in what was traditionally a quiet time of the week for operators. In a survey run at the end of the pilot, 97% of participants said they either liked or loved the format and would like to play again.

Quiz the Nation is currently looking to raise £195,000, which is the equivalent of 20% of equity, through Crowd Cube. In its first 48 hours on Crowd Cube, it raised 77% of its funding through 31 investors signing up.

Rod McMillan, chairman of Quiz the Nation, said: “We knew that it would be a popular investment on Crowd Cube, but we didn’t anticipate that it would be three-quarters of the way to capacity in less than two days. With over 50 days left to invest we predict that we will be over-funded in the next week, which is fantastic news.”

Gordon said: “I am thrilled to be part of Quiz the Nation. I truly believe these are exciting times for pub quizgoers.

“Rest assured, we are not out to replace the traditional pub quiz, far from it. In fact, we have been careful to retain much of what people love about pub quizzes but simply evolved the concept into a new format – think Krypton Factor meets Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

“The prizes are fantastic, the show is exciting and it is free for pub operators. In addition, the pilots have proved that Quiz the Nation will increase footfall, revenue and profits for operators, so everyone’s a winner.”

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