Let it shine: tips on keeping your glasses clean

innserve glass

Up to 90% of beer quality complaints can be traced back to a dirty glass. Steve Lakin of Innserve gives his advice on keeping your glasses clean

A dirty glass can impair taste, make a beer lose its head and transmit disease. To ensure glasses are kept clean, there needs to be a proper and consistent method of washing. This starts with a well-maintained and regularly serviced glass washer.

The glass washer is vital to the success of any pub. It is a hard-working functional piece of equipment that will process 300 to 400 glasses an hour. It requires detergents to assist with cleaning, rinse aids to help the drying process, and de-scaler to prevent the build-up of limescale in hard water areas.

It is important to make sure that the machine is dosing correctly and that the water temperature is at the optimum level. Remember, a well cared-for machine will deliver much better results for longer so servicing is essential.

Let glasses dry naturally, as cloths and wipes can spread grime and germs, and once dried, store them on a clean shelf on glass storage mats.

Every four weeks, also use a glass renovate product. Treat all glasses at the same time to ensure consistency, and replace any scratched glasses. Staff also need to be properly trained in the cleaning regime of glasses and, in particular, using the glass washer.

A clean glass doesn’t cost a lot, but a dirty glass can ruin your reputation and put customers off returning for more.

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