First industry-wide protocol & certification sets standard for Net Zero in the on-trade with a new easy-to-use digital platform that helps pubs and bars go net zero cost-effectively.

New developments in the Net Zero Pubs and Bars Initiative were unveiled at an event in central London. The Initiative puts the tools for action on the climate crisis into the hands of businesses in the sector, and today three new elements were revealed:

•An industry protocol that sets out a standard for Net Zero against which pubs and bars can be certified and receive an accreditation mark to display to customers.

•A dedicated, sector-specific digital platform providing a complete solution for operators to calculate their carbon emissions, set targets, get tailored reduction plans and compensate for pre-existing emissions. 

•The findings of a pilot of the initiative with 36 pub and bar sites which showed that the vast majority of operators need more guidance to reduce their climate impact.  

The Net Zero Pubs and Bars Initiative has been developed by Net Zero Now, the sector-based climate action platform, working with its development partners Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) GB and Pernod Ricard UK. It will be rolled out across the sector by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. 

The initiative aims to make the process of going net zero easier and cost-effective for any sized business. The UK hospitality sector can play a unique role in familiarising the public with the national net zero ambition, and in a recent survey nearly 80 per cent of pub and bar owners asked saw action on climate change as a high priority2. Consumers are increasingly looking for venues that offer a more sustainable choice and employees are also keen to work for companies that are taking action on climate3.   

However, many pub and bar owners lack the necessary knowledge and tools to get to Net Zero, with 85% saying they needed help and guidance4. The new Net Zero Pubs and Bars protocol provides guidelines for any business in the sector to get to Net Zero. It has been peer reviewed by 30 organisations, representing the sector and sustainability and climate experts, and is freely available at and Pubs and Bars who follow the protocol can either be certified Net Zero or have their Net Zero target date certified.

Together, CCEP GB and Pernod Ricard UK’s brands are present in around 90% of the businesses operating in this sector in the UK7 and their contribution to the Net Zero Pubs and Bars Initiative will enable businesses along their entire value chain to reduce their own carbon emissions.

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