Liebherr launches New Professional Wine Fridges for 2023

 Specialists in commercial cooling and freezing, German manufacturer Liebherr, launches a new collection of professional wine fridges.

Adding to its existing portfolio of wine fridges, Liebherr introduces its latest ranges; the Perfection series, specially optimised for professional use in hotels, restaurants and catering, and its next generation of GranduCru models. 

Transcending the requirements of wine connoisseurs in terms of storing and tempering, Liebherr’s wine fridges offer optimal long-term protective storage conditions, preserving the essence of every bottle and allowing customers to enjoy wine the way the winemaker intended. Liebherr wine fridges surpass the five essentials of wine storage, acheving the next level of perfection. 

German engineering at its best, Liebherr’s new wine fridges are designed to be as quiet and as efficient as possible. The improved glass door models are in energy efficiency class F and the solid door models are in the even more efficient class E. 

Thanks to clever, ergonomic design, the neck-to-neck storage can now hold up to 284 bottles safely with easy access. 

New eDoorLock technology also gives owners more peace of mind that bottles cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel. 

Tim Hutchinson, Divisional Manager at Liebherr, comments: “At Liebherr, we have dedicated huge resources into better understanding how to store wine to best preserve and enhance its taste, whilst providing unparalleled functionality for professionals and consumers. That is why we’re extremely proud to be launching the new ranges of wine fridges that not only meet, but surpass these demands. 

We know how important it is to give restaurant, bar or hotel owners that peace of mind that their wine is in safe hands. With our ideal storage conditions, comprehensive security features and sophisticated alarm functions that provide alerts before wine can come to harm, Liebherr is your reliable professional partner” 

To view the learn more about the new wine fridges or to find out more about Liebherr, visit

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