Liebherr Launches Next Generation Food Service Counters

Setting new industry standards, Liebherr can now offer a complete professional refrigeration portfolio thanks to the introduction of its new cooling counters.

Understanding that professional kitchens require appliances that can cope with heavy use, are adaptable and deliver reliable results under any condition, Liebherr’s new cooling counter fridge and freezers offer maximum flexibility and exceptional performance.

Thanks to its innovative optimal air distribution technology, even when fully loaded, Liebherr counters ensure extra-long freshness and a prolonged shelf life. Uniform temperature distribution and unique Frame Heating technology, ensure appliances are reliably cool and free from condensation – right down to the last corner – preventing the build up of mould and ice. 

Made from stainless steel on both the inside and outside – as if created from a single casting – the appliances are extremely easy to clean. Not only does this create more hygienic storage conditions, but it also helps reduce long-term maintenance. 

All counter fridges and freezers are HACCP compliant, allowing for more accurate temperature settings. Intuitive control panels allow the appliance status to be checked and maintained without having to open the door, allowing for food to be kept at optimal cooling temperatures for longer.

The counters also feature an energy-efficient hot gas defrosting system, whereby electronic controllers calculate the optimum defrost cycles based on the compressor run-time. This reduces the defrosting time to 10-mins, unlike other industry alternatives which take an avergae of 30-mins, with only a minimum temperature increase in the appliance. This means food does not have to be taken out during defrosting and is therefore not exposed to temperature fluctuation. 

Versatile by design, modular by nature, Liebherr counters can be made to exact kitchen specifications to enhance floor productivity. Entirely customisable by height, depth, storage type (i.e. draws or cabinets), control (i.e. plug in or remote controlled) and legs (i.e. fixed or wheel based), fresh food is on hand exactly how and where it is needed. 

Featuring the natural refrigerant R290 and an efficient refrigeration system, the counters also impress in terms of sustainability with the lowest energy consumption on the market. Combined with the robust design and long service life, the total cost of ownership is reduced.

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