Lighting is integral to brand experience

By Sarah Mannerings, head of interiors, at Mystery

Lighting can so easily be overlooked at the outset or underestimated in a
bar’s design. It’s easy to see lighting as simply a functional part of your
scheme, but not only does it contribute to the overall brand experience, if
properly considered it can actually encourage customers to part with their
cash and increase your bottom line.

Have you ever noticed how you slow down when you walk into darker
spaces? This is no accident; darker lit spaces encourage customers to slow
down, increasing the time, and hopefully, money they spend there. Retailers
have used this trick for ages and we can use it very effectively in our bar

It’s easy to think about shades as merely aesthetics, but they may have
functional necessity too. We’re currently working on a high rise
restaurant/bar concept with spectacular views. While the beautiful fittings
we’ve chosen will reflect the brand’s concept, the shades must also shield
the bulbs within, because any exposed bulbs would be reflected back on the
the perimeter glass, which could interfere with the view, the brand’s core

However, we don’t want to ignore the aesthetic importance of decorative
lighting to create an amazing brand experience! Our design for Za Za
Bazaar – the largest restaurant in the UK at 33,000 square feet – was inspired
by the night markets of Asia and lighting was absolutely integral to the
overall concept.

Intricate, innovative and defining, each lighting element was
designed to create flow, atmosphere, authenticity and intrigue. And it was a
huge success. In this case, the lighting didn’t just illuminate the interior
design, it was the interior design.

Looking for interiors inspiration for your Bar? Go to or call 020 7046 6111 and speak to head of interiors, Sarah Mannerings.

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