Liqueur brand celebrates “end of the world”

A party to mark “the end of the world” is being organised for liqueur brand Agwa de Bolivia on December 21 in London alongside activites to bring the apocalyptic party to the on-trade.

The date, which marks the end of the ancient Mayan calendar, has inspired brand owner Babco Europe because of the liqueur’s key ingredient, coca leaf, which is grown in the region where the Mayan civilisation once flourished.

It is organising parties around the world, calling on people to “Party Like there’s No Tomorrow”, in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Auckland, Sydney and London.

Supported in the UK by distributor Proof Drinks, there will be competitions for consumers to win tickets to the London party, called Noah’s Psychedelic Dreamboat, as well as bottles of Agwa de Bolivia.

Proof Drinks has also teamed up with The Halo Group events agency to sponsor The Last Supper Club, a Mayan and Doomsday-inspired gastronomic dining experience running from December 6 to 22.

They have also put together ideas for Domesday-themed drinks for the on-trade, supported by point-of-sale kits. They include a Galactic Storm shot, where people bite a wedge of lime and then drink 25ml of Agwa de Bolivia.

Cocktail ideas include a Mayan Caipirinha, using Agwa de Bolivia instead of cachaça, and The Survivor, a twist on a Bloody Mary using Agwa de Bolivia instead of vodka. The After Life is a simple mixed serve of Agwa de Bolivia and an energy drink with ice, garnished with a lime wedge.

Owner Babco Europe will also release the limited-edition CocaBlue coca leaf liqueur as part of the campaign on December 1. The drink, which is made from 100 per cent coca leaf distillate and finished to 55.5 per cent ABV, matches Mayan Blue, an organic pigment used for decorating pottery and murals and in sacrificial rituals.

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